Welcome to Phuturetrax

Welcome to Phuturetrax, the Los Angeles mastering, mixing & music production studio of producer/engineer Don Corrieri. We provide professional, affordable mastering and mixing to clients worldwide.

Check our SoundCloud page for “before and after” samples, and hear the difference professional music mastering and mixing makes. Shout out to our new client Lakotah, whose last single “Falling” charted #43 on the Billboard Dance charts!


Mastering is the crucial last step in ensuring your music is presentable to a worldwide audience. Phuturetrax will make your music connect with your fans, whether they’re listening through earbuds or club speakers. Amazing results are guaranteed!

Not local to Los Angeles? No problem! We can work seamlessly through the internet. If you’re not familiar with how it works, we will walk you through the process and get you going right away. Look no further than Phuturetrax– your local and online mastering service in Los Angeles.

Check the links below to hear samples of our work, and our SoundCloud page to hear some “Before and After” examples.

  • Cape Town Calling

    Artist : Borislava & Gil K     Label : NOSI Music

  • Lo Fi

    Artist : Jarvis     Label : Cable Recordings

  • Uranium

    Artist : John Debo/Tini Tun     Label : Stripped Recordings

Handy tips for preparing your songs for Mastering

I’ve been using Phuturetrax’s mastering services for nearly 10 years now for all of my labels, and I’ve always been extremely happy with the quality of service they provides. Don knows just how to get the right amount of warmth, low end, and balance, which helps to make my tracks stand out from the crowd in this overly saturated business.

Justin Johnson
DJ/Producer/Label Owner

I highly recommend Phuturetrax. Don was referred to me by one of the top recording studios in Los Angeles. His work product was nothing short of superb, and his communication along the way was exceptional. Our band will definitely use him again and will whole-heartedly recommend him to others.

Anthony Demman


As you can hear in the following sound clips, we love working in a variety of music genres. We often record bands at larger studios, then bring the sessions back to Phuturetrax for vocals, overdubs, editing and mixdown. With our full service mixing & production, no project is too big or too small for us!

  • Mindset

    Genre : Rock     Band : Stu Tails

  • War

    Genre : Neo Soul     Artist : Joe Hurt Band

  • Run & Hide

    Genre : Pop/Rock     Artist : Shy Town

  • Madness

    Genre : Pop/Rock     Artist : Mick Vee

  • Dirty Little Secret

    Genre : Electro-Funk     Artist : Isham

  • I Said

    Genre : Breakbeat     Artist : Alienage

We have been working with Don & Phuturetrax for over 6 years now. Over that time, we’ve evolved drastically as a band, becoming much more professional since our first set of recordings. Don, on the other hand, has been a superstar since day 1 and has treated us the same. He is extremely proficient on both the engineering and producing fronts, and has helped us expand our sound over time. We’ve worked with plenty of sound engineers over the years and have not met anyone who has given us the time, commitment, or level of excellence that Don has on a consistent basis.

Ryan McDonald
Stu Tails band

My album sounds edgy, modern and professional. Just a tasty amount of effects in just the right places. Don is an artist who understands me as an artist. He mixed my album and unveiled the true sound of my project.

Pete Munday

Working with Don on our EP was truly an amazing experience. We hired him to mix and master our music, and we also ended up with some great edits and enhancements to our tracks. He mixes the songs according to my requests, but tries to work in a cool little change here and there as he gets comfortable with our songs. Those changes, for the most part, are now part of our songs and significantly elevated their quality. We are DEFINITELY going to work with him again.

Gene d.S.
Suppose We Run band


Dialog Editing and Enhancement, Noise Reduction, Sweetening, Sound Design… these are just some of the services we offer. Phuturetrax can be the 1-stop shop for all your broadcast and theatrical releases.

Don handled all the post audio for my film, Prime Thickness. From dialog editing/ADR, sound design/foley through to delivering the final mix. The end result was fantastic. We worked remotely- from London to LA.

Nicolas Piere

Working with Don at Phuturetrax was a great experience. While working on (my film) “Out Smart” he met all the deadlines within budget, and all with a smile. Working on the sound design for my logo was a blast. He had a lot of creative suggestions and put them together beautifully.”

Dawn Cobalt
Director/Producer at FutureView Entertainment

Don has produced and mixed hundreds of radio and TV spots for our company. I can personally vouch for his professionalism. His work is top notch and he goes out of his way to meet our demanding deadlines.

Steve Lorenzo
Owner/Partner at JKR Advertising Agency

In the beginning, I went to one of the “big” studios and spent way too much money. After discovering Phuturetrax, I realized you can still get the big studio quality at a fraction of the price.

Frankie Dell
Voice Over Talent


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Baltimore native Don Corrieri has been creating and producing music since the late 80’s. In 1989 he signed his first record deal with HOT Records/Caroline and was featured on the classic Industrial Waste compilation. Soon after, his band FS Tech released their debut EP which received strong college radio airplay and video rotation on MTV. After relocating to Los Angeles in 1998 he became an assistant engineer at some of the biggest recording studios, working with world-renowned producers and engineers. Clients included: Michael Jackson, ‘N Sync, Metallica, Fergie, Don Henley, A Perfect Circle and other well known acts. In 2002 Don launched Phuturetrax, and has worked on countless projects for a variety of artists such as Talib Kweli, R&B singer Miguel, Daniel Ash (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets), Richard Street (The Temptations) and original members of reggae pioneers Third World. He also branched out to working in post production and has mixed over 1000 radio and TV commercials and films.


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